Any Zelaya's Portfolio

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Adamson High School

My name is Any Zelaya and I'm a student at Adamson Collegiate High School. It's a program where I'm able to take college classes with my high school classes. Because of this, I will be able to graduate with an associates. Right now, I'm taking the web design college course. This course, is teaching me how to code correctly and how to create my own web page. I enjoy being a student in this program because not only do you earn an associates, but you also get the opportunity to meet amazing people. The teachers here are amazing and are willing to help you achieve your goals. The professors are willing to grab your hand and walk you through the process in order for you to learn the course. Staff from IBM and American Airlines come to the school and teach us, which is a great opportunity. I love this school and this program.

In Adamson Collegiate, you have the opportunity to go to college and take advanced high school classes. In this school, you have to be a committed student because you do get a lot of work. The work thst the teachers here give you is not easy but instead, heavy and stressfful. Even though, you can get stressed out so easily here, the teachers and principals are willing to motivate you to do your best.

Ftp Process

We learned about the process of doing our live page. Its called the ftp process, which is where you open up a domain and a remote. Using the two components, you move documents from the local page to your remote page. As you move the index and the following components to make the page work, on the live page the document appears as live. Here, vereyone sees what website you ahve made.